Thursday, December 4, 2014

Have you tired of building robots with numerous coding and difficult circuits? want to make a cool wireless robot without a microcontroller , here it is for you.

A robot that does not need any sort of programming or complex circuit to build, This is a complete beginner robot, anyone can do this without much knowledge about electronics, all you need is right components and right placement of these components.

This is a simplest Wireless robot without a need for microcontroller, this can be made with readily available components . No need to solder your electronics components and its cheap to do .

check the video below and learn How to do this robot.

check this page for circuit diagram, its simply plug and play type bot, No need for the circuit diagram,  if you still want circuit for this robot check this Here

Components Need to Make this

RF Transmitter and Receiver Module

L293D Motor Driver

Push button and connecting wires

2 batteries

2x Motor

2x wheels 1x castor wheel

1x chassis

See the video below and check its performance

Have you finished Making the robot??
Lets add a camera to that and control from other room.

The above video I've used my old android phone for cam, If you don't want to place your phone like that or you don't have an android you can go for a wireless camera that is available cheaper on many electronics market,

If you add a camera to this robot , it become a cool surveillance robot , which can be operated from a 120 feet away from this robot. The distance is shorter but this is really cool for a hobbyist and beginner to give a try. Make this robot to stalk your pets at home :).

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