Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Make a Bristle bot

The title explains all , this post is about how to make  easy bristle bot without falling or rotating the same path without moving like an insect.

If you look other videos about making bristle bot at the end there are not much videos about real working because the bot either move some distance and fall or it moves in a predicted motion.

Yeah as you think the bristle bot is something easy to build, when we got the right components , what if we want to use the components that available readily to do it?

Yes still you can do it but it won't give you the expected result.

Here I've made a bristle bot which can be built less than 2 minutes. All you need is any *tooth brush, * vibrator, *button battery, *paper clips and a double sided tape and glue *LEDs to make it look cool compare to than other bristle bot.

This is how my bot was looked after I finished, Is it looking cool?? I love it when making it awaken the inner child in me.

Lets Make the bot,

Cut the head portion from your tooth brush (new one would be perfect for this )

add some glue to it and fix the vibrator

add the paper clips to the bot like it's getting wing

add battery and complete the bristle bot.

add the LED's to another battery like this. More the LEDs More the fun

cover the LEDs with double sided tape and place it over the vibrator

Number of attempts before this design

It looks like an insect , don't belive me? check it yourself