Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flame Following robot using L293D motor driver

A Flame following robot, This example is a simple Flame follower where it used L293D Motor driver and IR based sensor. This robot does not require any programming, it uses the logic available in the motor driver (when the pins 12 and 14 are high) both the motor rotates in the forward direction, when the pin 7 is high it moves to the left , likewise when the pin 10 is high it moves to the right. 

circuit diagram for flame following robot

circuit diagram for the flame sensor

The above video explain how the sensor works and how to make the sensor.

caution: please be careful when handling flame it may injurious to human :P


  1. Hey I made the robot but it is not working.

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  4. Wow, awesome! I love the concept how design this robot. when I watch this video I was thinking there is behind a huge programming code running, but you said that there no programming here, its really a shocking man, its amazing you did a great job this could be used as a robot wars game for kids because I thinking it's much entertaining :D