Sunday, November 2, 2014

This is a Fun to do robot. The robot start to move if the sensor detects flame, be cautious when using a lighter or other element using for flame.

Required Components :

1x Castor Wheel
2x wheels
2x Gear Motors
1x Flame sensor
1x Chassis 
1x ULN2003 IC
1x  9v battery
1x battery snap
1x Breadboard and connecting wires
Spacers, stud, screws and screw driver

Circuit Diagram

blue wire is for connecting sensors output.

Flame Sensor:

Flame Sensor Circuit:

blue wire is sensor output
red wire is power supply (5v)
black wire is ground (-ve)

How to make a Flame Sensor From IR Sensor

Remove the IR emitter by cutting out from the pcb. IR transmitter which usually marked as (Tx) in the sensor pcb. If the IR transmitter removed from the pcb, this sensor act as a flame detector.

How This Flame Following Robot Works?

Whenever the sensor detects flame, it gives 5v as logic output. The output of the sensor is connected to the ULN2003 IC input, This IC swich ON the circuit Whenever 5v is applied to the sensor input.


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